Wood Fencing

Where Nature Meets Elegance

Embrace the timeless allure of cedar wood fencing with Town & Country Fence, the preferred choice for Minneapolis homeowners. Western Red Cedar is not just another wood. It combines natural beauty with unmatched resilience to bring you a classic fence.

Hanpicked for its quality, we source only the highest-grade western red cedar directly from sawmills. This ensures you’ll get a fence that’s both captivating and built to endure. Ask about our financing options.

Unveil The Charm Of Cedar Wood Styles:

  • Privacy: For those moments of solitude in your backyard.
  • Picket: The classic choice that never goes out of style.
  • Split Rail: Rustic elegance redefined.
  • Custom: Crafted to your unique vision and taste.

With Town & Country Fence, you’re choosing a legacy of quality and natural elegance. See detailed specifications and design inspirations in our comprehensive fence brochures.